Sibaritas (“Sibarite” in English) refers to a person devoted to luxury and pleasures. Although it is sometimes compared to the term foodie, you can also find the term sibarite used in other areas, such as technolgy.  So we decided to be sibaritas in our own way!  The name of our brand reminds us to be always looking for excellence and distinctive taste.

Daniella is a mother of two, wife, a successful businesswoman and she loves crafts. Ana Karina, graduated as an Interior Designer and studied to be a Chef.  She loves food. Together they created Estilo Sibaritas 10 years ago in Venezuela.

Today Estilo Sibaritas is a company that offers creative gifts, holiday and home decor.  Estilo Sibaritas is known in Venezuela for setting trends and delivering to its clients a unique style. It expanded to the US in 2017, with the addition of Gaby Jimenez to the team; the beloved sister’s aunt with many years of experience in home decor and party planning.

Most of all Estilo Sibaritas is a family business and a family lifestyle. We want to spread our believe that life is a miracle that deserves to be celebrated, and why not?  Do it in style!
Welcome to our lifestyle,
Dany, Ana K. and Gaby

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